Don’t be mad at our absence….. just fall in love with our presence…………………….!

Don’t be mad at our absence….. just fall in love with our presence…………………….!

sammi 5-16-2013

sammi 5-16-2013


Sammi B …   3.5 yrs old


Where’s Sammi B?

Title: Where in the world is Carmen San Diego? Where’s Waldo? I wanted to go with either of these titles…. attention grabbing, yet dating myself for sure – not to mention…., by show of hands do you know these references? Both are a fond blast from my past – the 1st being one of my favorite memories of school during computer class – pop in that 5 1/2 inch floppy and on we went solving crimes – it was A-Ma-Zing! I digress.  It seemed much more simple and to the point to title the lost blog……”Where’s Sammi B?”

After 6 months of sobbing, stomping, fist pounding (not a jersey shore style dance move), fetal position whimpering and deep ugly face crying – I am back to update the blog.  The temper tantrum core is a result of a very unfortunate incident with my external hard drive;  Gone, Dead, All Data Lost….. It was a horrific event to add to the “Lesson Learned” manila folder and move on………..  but is it fair to deny you the updates and pictures of Samamtha? Or as her father calls her, the 2 foot terrorist……..!

So many things have happened since the last post it is hard to fill you in on everything…. and I am sure you are not looking to read the detail that I could provide on poop painting, booger fishing nor thanksgiving road trip puking adventures that have been etched into my memories.

Disclaimer: Not even close to a chronological order of events,  Not an inclusive listing, all names and faces of friends and family have been excluded for their safety and protection

Cousins visit to MI, Pool, Swim Lessons, Park, Alzheimer’s Awareness Walk –
Detroit Zoo, Lions Training Camp, 1st Boat Ride, 2nd Birthday – Cat in The Hat Party, Giggle Gang, Walks, Christmas Parties, Barney Live, Dancing at the Square, Romeo Peach Festival, Doctor Appointments, Jungle Java, Wagon Rides, Farm, 1st Airplane Ride, Indoor Park, Library, Wedding Shower, Birthday Parties, Detroit Riverwalk, Award Winning Restaurants, Wedding, Church, Florida Trip, Renaissance Festival, Visit with Santa, Family Reunions, Dancing at the Main, Sid the Science Kid Meet and Greet, Play Dates, Cookie Decorating, Easter Bunny Trail, Florida Trip #2, Story Time, Metro Beach, Trick or Treating, Chuck E Cheese, Recreation Center, Dinosaur Exhibit, Mall,  ……………………………………………………..and so, so, so much more!!

Without further delay I present you with recent, twice backed-up pictures of Samantha.  She is a precious 2 year old (26 and a half month old) in  – I say that as she is soundly sleeping in her crib!!  She is full of spunk with a mind full of sass.  Full sentences are making the scene nowadays, and it does take a degree in Samology to decipher some words and/or phrases.  She has made up several words……. “Sha-Sha” is her Great Grandmother – By most of her great grandchildren she is known as GG-ma, not to Sam, she started calling her Sha-Sha and points out where she lives when we drive by.  Of course, Sha-Sha has now morphed her own name into Sasha.  Nonetheless they both have mad love for each other, and it is truly precious they are able to spend time together!!  Sam’s other made up word also has controversy – her pacifier, which she calls – her “fa-fa” or “red-wing”, depending on the dire need and whininess saturating her tiny voice.  Both Mike and I are hoping to call it “long gone” real soon……..  Her pickiness in eating habits aren’t learned from starving children and “treats” seems to be a fav item to ask for; always room for improvement.  We continue with swim class and story time and are soon to add gymnastic tumble class to the agenda.

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Keeping busy, messy and full of fun.  We fool around and cuddle often.  Sing one day away and dance the next into play.  Enjoy the pictures, as I enjoy taking them!

Make it a good day!
The Behnke’s

Singing “Sweet Little Sammi” All Summer Long

It is July 8th, only 18 days past the official start of summer and I feel I have already had my “sand bucket” full of happiness for the
season.  “I am literally going to explode with excitement.”  Sam has been to see Elmo & Abby Cadabby, Barney with the Kids Club Live Event, Park, Pool, Garage Saleing, Lapsit at the Library, Water Park, and so much more……  Every time I say “This is the stage/age I love the most!”….. it just keeps getting better; and there is still MUCH, much more to come!

Top Ten Updates from Sam-Sam

  1. 20+ word vocabulary , BUT she  repeats Elmo all day
  2. Outside is #1 on her TO DO LIST !!! And playing with the iPad is #2!
  3. Meat is still the Enemy, conquering yet to come… Loves her Baa-Baa – A.K.A bottle full of Milk
  4. Doesn’t understand the meaning of “NO”, “STOP” “DON’T TOUCH” “NO THROWING”
  5. Feels no need to wear shoes, immediately removes when strapped in car seat and shopping cart – “Ma’am, are these your daughter’s shoes?”
  6. Loves Bath time, but enjoys brushing her teeth the most, “Herby the elf wants to be a dentist instead of making toys”
  7. Still loves watching Sesame Street as a staple in the Behnke morning routine, and continues her praise for Elmo all day long
  8. Still dances when Barney is played from Comcast OnDemand, but she also dances to the washing machine cycling
  9. Recognizes the Meijer Store sign from 100 ft. away and is excited to approach, she loves the video cart, minus $1 from my weekly budget every time we go
  10. Continues to climb anything in her path with zero tolerance for fear, anxiety or hesitation

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Park and Bath Time Fun 6.1.11

Samantha started June with Park and Bath play, not sure which she had more fun doing, running/exploring or splish splashing with her rubber duckie…….

Word of the day – OUTSIDE

Text is short……but Pictures are what you tuned in for anyway…. I know, I know…..

Time is flying – 17 months in 3 days…

Samantha – Sam – Sammi
17 months old on……3/29/11


15 Month Doctor Appointment Stats
Height 30 3/4 in (50-75%)
Weight 25 lbs (75-90%)
Head 47 cm (75-90%)

 Giggles, Climbing, Hugs, Temper Tantrums, Cuddles,
Running, Smiles, Kisses, Playing, Dancing, Singing

"Uh Oh"  Fav Saying

"Uh Oh" Fav Saying


LIKES– long walks in stroller and as of 3-17-11 in new wagon, climbing up on… anything (chairs, tables, benches, garbage cans, window sills etc…), music, chewing on books, screaming, playing with the computer, climbing into the cupboards, bath time, Sesame Street – especially Elmo, playing with phones, fruit, Barney, other kids, Lapsit at the Library, dancing, playing with boxes, Kiddie Klub, Ba-Ba (AKA Bottle), looking at photos, hugging, twirling, brushing teeth, kissing, mimicking motions, grabbing the TV remote, chewing on everything

DISLIKES – being told no, meat, being told no, not being able to play with phone or computer, being told no, barrettes in hair, being told no, being gated in an area, being told no

Update since 2010:
Lapsit continues to be a favorite of Samantha’s weekly regime.  It is a great, free program that our library offers for toddlers; a ½ hour combination of story time and singing that always ends with Beach Ball time.  I never would have believed that children would get so excited over a bag full of beach balls?  But true to the saying “less is more.”  There is something beautiful about the simplicity of colorful, bouncy objects that are harmless and 100% loved!  Lapsit is on hiatus until April. 

We also enjoy and seek out other activities with youngsters.  We attend “Wobbler Wednesday” at Kiddie Klub which is a fancy name for – indoor play area.  Sam runs around from area to area and I run after her……. I am less “new mother” like as she gets older, although I have had my encounters with ladies cursed with worse “new mother” syndrome than I.

Sleeping / Feeding / Talking:
Sam continues to have a stringent yet fun bed time routine with Mommy and Daddy, although naptime is wherever and whenever she decides to pass out…. it might be on mom, a lady bug pillow pet, in her car seat, or crib (not often enough.)

Meat is not an option unless it is hidden in a Gerber Baby Food Meal…we will continue to try to introduce meats with diligence…. She loves fresh fruits, and all things cheesy – Grilled Cheese, Mac N’ Cheese and Cheese Quesadilla – (Sorry Uncle Jake) Veggies are still a struggle – Gerber Baby Food winning at this moment….… not over yet Gerber!!   She loves Multigrain Cheerios…. Me too!

Sam has decided she will talk when she wants to talk!!  She gets her stubbornness from her father – if daddy did the blog it may read otherwise.  She has a limited vocab, but if you remember from earlier readings “less is more?”  One day, she will astonish us with Shakespeare Quotes and poetry that would make envious poets weep…… Stay tuned!

Recent Events:

  • Sesame Street Live – Fox Theater, Detroit 2/13/2011
    Spoiled by Grandma Ireland and attended with cousin Isi
    Stared in adornment, and love, love, loved!
  • Giggle Gang Musical “Once Upon a Leprechaun” Troy 3/16/11
    Notified of event thru a “Mom’s Group” I joined, we never met up with the other mom’s opps!  Sam danced and greeted the furry characters up close afterwards
    Free ice cream cone was a big hit too!
  • Aqua Tots  – 3/5/2011
    Sam started Aqua Tots and much to our surprise and opposite of bath time reaction, she was hesitant and, well whinny…. the 30 degree water may have played a part?!?!  The third session, Sam was kicking and splashing, smiled and oozed excitement the entire session!!! (Of course the water temp had increased just as her happiness did.)


My life has been enriched, my heart marinades in love and my world is brighter because of Samantha Michelle Behnke!!!  And although these “lovey-dovey” words would never flow from Mike’s mouth – he feels the same way – Again, thee who writes the blog…..

I vacuum more, take shorter showers and toys have RSVP’ed their permanent presence to the living room …….. but I would NOT change it for the world!  The newness of life’s sights, sounds, tastes, smells thru Sam’s eyes is refreshing medicine for the soul.  Bottling her smile is not an option………. but I can give you this blog, these pictures and update it in a timely manner……….

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Enclosed – 49 pictures from New Years Eve thru Mid-March

Anyone miss Sammi?

It has come to my attention that our blog has not been updated since Christmas… ; ( 

I apologize and will immediately fire the help!  Updates to the blog and SammiVision will be arriving shortly, as soon as I retrieve the computer from Samantha……….

"I must search YouTube for more Elmo videos!"


"Ta-Da, I found more Elmo Videos!!"


 Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!!!  And best of luck to State this evening!! 

Go Green Go White!!
Love, Mike, Shannon and Samantha

Merry Christmas to all……

Merry Christmas to all…..

 Christmas Day has come and gone….. This holiday season Sam has increased her toy inventory and her calorie intake!!!  Samantha was introduced to many new things this Christmas; some she enjoyed – some she didn’t, some she wanted seconds – some she didn’t, some we will continue as tradition next year – some we will not….  A glimpse into her Christmas activities: Christmas cookies, Mac-N-Cheese, Wrapping paper, Festive Caroling, St. Nick, Holiday Crafts, Christmas Decorations including: Christmas Tree & Ornaments, Christmas Village, Stockings, Lights, and she was fortune enough to celebrate and mingle with family and friends in person and via Skype. 

 Enjoy the Christmas Slideshow and Enjoy your family…. Happy New Year!!!  Love, The Behnke’s

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